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Dining & Decor

Grand Getaways features a luxury Passover dining experience. Alongside the award-winning culinary team of the Waldorf Astoria, our expert team of chefs, bakers, grill master and sushi chefs will offer an inspired and elevated dining experience while still maintaining the traditional approach to Passover and strict adherence to kashrut.


Kosher Supervision

Rabbi Rafael Berdugo, Rav Hamachshear

At Grand Getaways, kashrut is of the utmost importance.
We spare no expense making sure that every detail is taken care of – every time. Our kitchen is never left unsupervised. Our food is supervised by Rabbi Rafael Berdugo and his team of skilled mashgichim who work around the clock. Rabbi Berdugo has been the head of the kashrut on Pesach programs for over 20 years. He works full time for the Chicago Rabbinical Council in Chicago and he is responsible for hashgacha and shchita in Panama and Venezuela.

Special Diets and Allergies

Grand Getaways can accommodate all special dietary needs and allergies. Our team of specialists will do our best to accommodate all special requests.

Cholov Yisroel and non Gebrochts options are always available.

Theme Nights

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